Don't miss the 1st XMANAI Scientific Workshop @ICE-Conference 2021


Title: Data Management and Use of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finding its way into a broad range of industries, manufacturing amongst them. Indeed, together with big data techniques, the sorts of decisions and predictions being made by AI-enabled systems is becoming much more profound, and in many cases, critical to success and profitability. Machine learning’s inherent advantages in finding anomalies in the production and packaging processes have significant potential to increase throughput and quality of products as well as to reduce machinery downtime and maintenance costs. In the cusp of Industry 5.0 that brings human-machine collaboration and personalization in the foreground, the need for diffusion of data management, cyber physical systems, and AI to solve existing and future manufacturing problems across diverse innovation pathways towards the 2025 Factories of the Future has never been greater.

Supported by four European funded projects (XMANAI , i4Q , INEDIT  and ZDMP ) with a focus on different aspects of data management and the use of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing domain, the workshop brings together data scientists and industrial representatives from the digital manufacturing domain alongside the researchers from the areas of smart manufacturing, enterprise information systems, IoT, and AI. The workshop will promote discussion and knowledge sharing about the state-of-the-art developments and research perspectives for the next 5 years in the broad area of Connected Smart Factories.

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