The management of assets in XMANAI should meet a number of critical requirements. One of them is the explainability of data, since Explainable AI is the main objective in the project.

XMANAI partner spotlight – Tyris AI Dr. David Monzo Name: Dr. David Monzo Job Title: Director of AI Organization: Tyris AI: Bio:

XMANAI partner spotlight – Politecnico di Milano Giacomo Tavola Name: Giacomo Tavola Job title: Technology Counselor Organisation: Politecnico di Milano Bio: Giacomo

Artificial Intelligence has a crucial role in the digital transformation roadmap of traditional manufacturing companies as if from one side it may bring great step improvement in several areas, on the other side it is probably the most difficult technology to be implemented in a sustainable way, due to the lack of knowledge and to the natural negative reaction to adoption that this type of technology generates in the involved people.