XMANAI partner spotlight - Knowledgebiz

Q: What is your organization’s role in XMANAI?

A: Knowledgebiz is the dissemination leader of the project and one of the main technical developers of the core Artificial Intelligence bundles for algorithm lifecycle management, responsible for the implementation of the module for industrial asset and Knowledge graphs modeling. In the first half of the project, Knowledgebiz has also been responsible for the elicitation of platform requirements and the definition of AI scenarios.

Q: How does XMANAI relate to your or your team’s background and interests?

A: During this decade, Knowledgebiz has been extending its domains of intervention and specializes in the application state of the art technologies for digital transformation. Knowledgebiz has had in data management one of its major business revenue lines, providing consultancy for industry 4.0 adoption and data analytics solutions. We strive to create opportunities that support the modernization of the different sectors and strongly believe in the need to embrace and exploit the new opportunities provided by the digital era, where many of the technologies addressed in XMANAI play a key role. Our current services offering includes big data analytics solutions for improved businesses, digital transformation solutions for industry 4.0, gamification solutions and personalized engagement strategies, risk management and compliance solutions, performance measurement solutions, and multi-criteria analysis.

Q: What is the novelty of XMANAI and the main benefits envisaged for your organization?

A: Despite the indisputable benefits that Artificial Intelligence can bring in society and in any industrial activity, humans typically have little insight into AI itself and even less concerning knowledge of how AI systems make any decisions or predictions due to the so-called “black-box effect”. Many of the traditional machine learning/deep learning algorithms are opaque and not possible to be examined after their execution to understand how and why a decision has been made. In this context, and with a specific application to the manufacturing sector, XMANAI introduces Explainable Artificial Intelligence through a platform that is capable to increase trust in AI systems by providing humans (especially business experts from the manufacturing domain) the ability of fully understand how decisions have been reached and what has influenced them. Knowledgebiz is a technology innovation company that aims to transfer the most advanced technologies to the markets where we operate and achieve the highest standards of customer satisfaction. We target to capitalize on the experience acquired in XMANAI explainable techniques to improve the spectrum and quality of digital transformation services we are providing to our customers. Artificial Intelligence combined with knowledge representation and reasoning techniques is key to providing valuable business opportunities.

Q: Which target groups can benefit from XMANAI?

A: XMANAI has a trustful ”human-centric” approach that is respectful of European values and principles, adopting the mentality that “our AI is only as good as we are”. The aim is to transform the manufacturing value chain with ‘glass box’ models that are explainable to a ‘human in the loop’ and produce value-based explanations for:

  • Data scientists – to understand the problem at hand, create AI models, and derive actionable insights from data in different application domains.
  • Data engineers – to build the necessary underlying infrastructure to collect and prepare data, and to deploy AI models in a scalable manner.
  • Business experts – to understand the results of an analysis in a tangible manner and take more informed decisions depending on the pilot case.


Q: As a Dissemination leader, how do you envision the XMANAI progress beyond the state of the art?

A: XMANAI aspires to become one of the flagships and reference Industrial Explainable AI Platforms in manufacturing with a user-driven, industry-led mentality and a market-oriented approach to address the inherent AI-related hurdles in a realistic and tangible manner.
The project will deliver “glass box” AI models that are explainable to a “human-in-the-loop”, without greatly sacrificing AI performance. With appropriate methods and techniques such as lifecycle management, security, and trusted sharing of complex AI assets (including data and AI models), XMANAI provides the tools to navigate the AI’s “transparency paradox” and therefore: (a) accelerates business adoption addressing the problem that “if manufacturers do not understand why/how a decision/prediction is reached, they will not adopt or enforce it”, and (b) fosters improved human/machine intelligence collaboration in manufacturing decision-making while ensuring regulatory compliance. Manufacturers will be able to develop a robust AI capability that is less artificial and more intelligent at human and corporate levels in a win-win manner.

Carlos Agostinho
Carlos Agostinho

Name: Carlos Agostinho

Job title: Dissemination Manager and Company Responsible

Organization: Knowledgebiz, Lda

Bio: Carlos Agostinho is a senior researcher at UNINOVA (www.uninova.pt) and a digital transformation expert. In 2018 he engaged a new endeavor joining Knowledgebiz (www.knowledgebiz.pt) leveraging from his experience and participation in leading-edge research initiatives to developt state-of-the-art products and services. He holds a Ph.D. in the area of industrial information systems from the Faculty of Science and Technology of the NOVA University of Lisbon (FCT/UNL) and has an MSc in Computer Science from the same school. Having a large experience in industrial-driven research projects since CEN/AIDIMA/2002/004 funSTEP AP-DIS until the most recent H2020 XMANAI, Carlos is deeply committed to taking research results closer to the industrial paradigm. Being quite experienced in research and coordination activities due to this work in several national and international research and development projects since 2001, Carlos is the author of more than 100 scientific publications in refereed journals and conference proceedings and developed skills in the áreas of the Internet of Things (IoT), Enterprise Interoperability, Knowledge and Data Management, Integration of Complex Systems and Components, as well as Model-Driven Development. Currently, and always believing that technology across domains is an enabler of progress and social transformation, he has also been working in digital transformation in the healthcare sector, to improve interoperability, efficiency, safety, and care quality.

Name: Rui Branco

Job title: Project Manager

Organization: Knowledgebiz, Lda

Bio: Rui Branco, with Msc. In Electrical and Computing Engineering at Nova University from Lisbon started his career in the automotive industry, working side by side with industrial engineers to optimize and improve processes on the shopfloor using LEAN methodologies. During his time in that company, he had the opportunity to be part of a global team that would expand the same concept through all the factories around the world, giving him much more experience in a professional way and much more that helped him grow as a person as well. After five years decided that he needed to change something in his career and decided to grab a new challenge and be part of a new company with a different model business, with the idea of expanding his knowledge in other fields and trying to migrate his experiences from one vision of business model to another, always searching to reach the best results.

Rui Branco
Rui Branco
Marisa Pedrosa
Marisa Pedrosa

Name: Marisa Pedrosa

Job title: Digital Marketing and Communication Manager

Organization: Knowledgebiz, Lda 

Marisa holds a degree in Advertising and Marketing, two post graduations in Strategic Public Relations Management and Communications and Marketing Management, and a Master of Sales Management. She has previously held marketing roles in a variety of industries including consumer goods, finance companies, hospitality, and technology companies. At Knowledgebiz, she is working as digital marketing and communication manager. She manages corporate social media, is part of the XMANAI dissemination team and participates in the dissemination of other projects such as i4Q and Co-Care.