Overview Requirements

To ensure that the XMANAI Platform meets the requirements of the different stakeholders (Data Scientist, Data Engineer and Business Expert) an agile methodology is implemented for requirements elicitation, promoting interactive sessions with the XMANAI partners. Requirements of the XMANAI platform were extracted in the form of user stories, collaboratively by technical partners and business stakeholders through interactive sessions.

Overview requriments_XMANAI

Were created boards for each stakeholder, being the one above representative of the user stories created for Data Scientists. After several interactive sessions and further discussion, 126 technical requirements were extracted and ready for prioritization as part of the MVP activities. A high-level overview of the technical requirements including user stories descriptions are defined with the addition of the description of acceptance criteria, success, and failure results to cover the system requirements.

A correlation between the technical requirements and business requirements previously defined was created to highlight how the business requirements were considered in the context of the project. For better comprehension, an example is provided with the number of technical requirements implemented to respond to some of the 36 business requirements.

Overview requriments_2_XMANAI

In the end, a compilation of all the technical requirements was created to provide a more explainable way of how and how many requirements were implemented to respond to each requirement from the stakeholders.