Partner Spotlight - Ford Motor Company

Q: What is your organization’s role in XMANAI?

A: The role of Ford Motor Company in the XMANAI project is contributing to defining business requirements and testing algorithms. Defining these requirements involves gathering information from stakeholders, analyzing business processes, and identifying potential problems and opportunities. On the other hand, testing algorithms are an important aspect to ensure the results of XMANAI as we need to validate the results obtained in comparison with our experience.

Q: How does XMANAI relate to your or your team’s background and interests?

A: I am convinced that the use of artificial intelligence is one of the new areas that can enable significant improvements and breakthroughs in our production processes. One of the reasons why artificial intelligence is probably not used for decision-making may be the lack of confidence in its decision as people have more confidence in their own decisions, therefore, the added value of explainability can change this paradigm.

Q: What is the novelty of XMANAI and the main benefits envisaged for your organization?

A: The novelty of XMANAI lies in its ability to provide human-understandable explanations for AI-based decision-making. This is important because it can help build trust in AI systems, improve reliability, and enable humans to understand and act on their outputs. The benefits of XAI for organizations are numerous. By providing transparent explanations for AI-based decisions, XAI can:

  • Improve trust and accountability: XAI can help build trust in AI systems by providing understandable explanations for their decisions.
  • Enable better decision-making: XAI can help humans understand and act on the outputs of AI systems, which can improve their ability to make informed decisions.
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer: XAI can help transfer knowledge from AI systems to humans by explaining the reasoning behind their decisions.


Q: Which target groups can benefit from XMANAI?

A: The use of cases at Ford is focused on helping the engineer to make the best decisions in terms of production optimization. Through this innovative application of explainable artificial intelligence, he will be able to anticipate problems in upcoming shifts.  In addition, the explainability component is critical as we need to have full confidence in the models and results obtained.

Javier Barberá_Ford

Name: Javier Colomer Barberá

Job title: New Technologies Engineer

Organization: Ford Motor Company

Bio: Javier Colomer is a Telecommunications Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. In addition, he is currently studying for a master’s degree in data science. Javier has led many data monitoring and machine vision projects, providing him with massive expertise in this field. The XMANAI project is very motivating to Javier as he will need to bring all his knowledge and technical capabilities in order to balance the applicability of the project results and achieve all the project requirements for demonstrators.

Name: Emilio Rosa Montagud

Job title: Mfg. Eng. Supervisor and Tech. Sp. in Emerging Technologies

Organization: Ford Motor Company

Bio: Emilio Rosa is a Mechanical Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He has been working in Valencia Engine Plant at Ford since 1989 where he has developed his career in a wide range of positions in manufacturing and new programs launch. 

Since 2020 Emilio works as Mfg. Eng. Supervisor and Tech. Sp. in Emerging Technologies, being in charge of new installations and innovation activities of the company as AGVs, COBOTs, and Artificial Vision among other technologies. He has been involved in various Regional and European projects related to AGVs & 5G,  IA Industrial Process Advance Monitorization, and Zero Defect Manufacturing Platform.

Emilio Montagud_Ford