A First Glimpse into the XMANAI platform

The first official release of the XMANAI Platform, namely Alpha Version, has been successfully delivered for early assessment by the XMANAI stakeholders on July 2022 (M21) as planned. The specific release provides the first set of features and functionalities of the XMANAI Platform and has been implemented based on the design details of the XMANAI platform reference architecture, as well as the detailed design specifications of the eight (8) in total platform’s data and XAI-related services bundles. In particular, in the Alpha Version of the platform the first releases of the Data Collection & Governance Services, the Scalable Storage Services, the Data Manipulation Services, the XAI Model Lifecycle Management Services, the XAI Execution Services, the XAI Insights Services, the Secure Asset Sharing Services and the Management Services Bundle has been effectively and successfully integrated in order to formulate the first functional version of the platform. Furthermore, the Alpha Version of the platform delivers the first fully functional user interface of the platform that enables the leveraging of the implemented features and functionalities of the platform in a novel and user-friendly manner.

Figure 1: XMANAI Platform Alpha Version - User Interface 1

The first version of the platform delivers the following major operations:

  • The data harvesting operations which enable the creation of new datasets in the platform from the available files.
  • The XAI exploration operations which facilitate the data exploration operations as well as the experimentation operations which can be performed with the available ML and XAI techniques of the platform.
  • The XAI pipelines operations which include the operations performed for the design, preparation, experimentation, and execution of AI pipelines in the platform.
  • The asset management operations facilitate all the asset handling operations for the complete lifecycle management of the assets residing in the platform.
  • The catalog operations are leveraged for the discovery, search, exploration, and acquisition of assets through the marketplace of the platform.
  • The platform administration operations provide the administrative functionalities related to the organizations and user management within the platform.
  • The on-premise environment encapsulates the platform’s offering through the on-premise environment of the user which is currently focused on anonymization operations.
Figure 2:XMANAI Platform Alpha Version - User Interface 2

The delivered Alpha Version of the XMANAI platform constitutes the first release of the platform and provides the basis for the implementation and delivery of the upcoming version of the XMANAI platform which is expected on April 2023 (M32), namely the XMANAI platform Beta Version, and February 2024 (M42), namely the XMANAI platform Version 1.0, in which the set of features and functionalities will be further enriched, while also refinements and optimizations will be introduced based on the feedback that will be continuously collected by the XMANAI stakeholders.