XMANAI Scientific Highlights and Publications

XMANAI has made significant strides in its outreach and dissemination efforts, producing several scientific publications that showcase its advancements in explainable AI for manufacturing. We are thrilled to announce the successful publication of 21 research papers, with 12 presented at peer-reviewed conferences and 3 in esteemed journals, each contributing valuable insights to the ever-evolving landscape.

To amplify the impact of its publications and foster live discussions with peers, XMANAI actively organized and promoted a series of three scientific workshops throughout the project. These workshops served as platforms for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the dissemination of cutting-edge research findings, enabling participants to engage in in-depth discussions and explore the practical applications of explainable AI in manufacturing.

The first workshop, titled “Data Management and Use of AI in Manufacturing,” laid the groundwork for the initial concept paper Moving from ‘black box’ to ‘glass box’ Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing with XMANAI by Lampathaki et al. (2021 IEEE International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation). The second workshop, held in 2023 and centered around data-driven engineering, provided the perfect forum for each of the project’s technical work packages to share their advancements with the community. The final workshop in 2024, titled “Innovations in Manufacturing,” resulted in the last two project publications, particularly the paper Integrating Explainability-by-Design for Transparent and Efficient AI in Manufacturing whose full text is not yet published but the editor but was summarized in a previous blog article (see here).

Notable Publications



  • The bookArtificial Intelligence in Manufacturing edited by John Soldatos, and that includes four chapters with the four XMANAI pilots and how they are addressing the various aspects of explainable AI in manufacturing.

Access and Further Reading

XMANAI supports open access and has established a Zenodo repository for its publications. This ensures that all project outputs are accessible, either through unrestricted publisher access or self-archiving. For the comprehensive list of publications and to access the full texts, visit the XMANAI Zenodo account (https://zenodo.org/communities/ai4manufacturing).