Workshop on Innovations in Manufacturing

Integrating AI, IoT and Data Driven Strategies

The upcoming I-ESA 2024 conference will feature a workshop showcasing the latest advancements in AI, IoT, and data management in the manufacturing sector. Organized by the XMANAI project and featuring esteemed participations from I4Q, RE4DY and AgileHand  projects, the workshop is a last opportunity to interact with the project’s Industrial Advisory Board and prepare the post-project exploitation.

This collaborative effort promises a comprehensive exploration of key topics shaping the future of manufacturing, including explainable AI, resilient supply chains, zero-defect manufacturing, and sustainable practices. It provides a unique opportunity for stakeholders to come together, exchange ideas, and explore emerging technologies that are transforming manufacturing processes

The workshop will feature scientific paper presentations followed by interactive Q&A sessions. A panel discussion involving distinguished members of the XMANAI Industrial Advisory Board will offer valuable insights into the practical applications of emerging technologies in real-world manufacturing settings.

For more information about the workshop and to register for the I-ESA 2024 conference, please visit [I-ESA website].