Explainability in AI: the connecting factor for effective digitalisation in manufacturing industry

Explainability has proven to be a key element in boosting AI adoption in different industrial fields thanks to its glass box approach providing transparent and understandable insights on algorithm decisions and results. Given its strategic role in improving economic growth, Explainable AI contributes to advance cooperation between different types of stakeholders, including not only industrial companies and associations but also European projects and clusters. The aim of creating a collaborative network in XAI domain is to explore the most effective pathways to the digital integration and interoperability of manufacturing systems. This goal can be achieved by identifying relevant cross-cutting factors and key enablers to promote the implementation of best practices concerning technological innovation in industry.

These core topics have been thoroughly addressed during the European Workshop for AI Pathway held on the 13th of June 2022 in Brussels and organised by Connected Factories, an initiative focused on bolstering digitalisation in manufacturing supported by EFFRA: The European Factories of the Future Research Association. TXT attended the event due to the strong connection of XMANAI with twin projects focused on similar approach on AI benefits, such as leveraging AI to promote Circular Economy routes, enable man-robot collaboration, optimize data driven production management and determine an effective pathway for human-centred manufacturing in Industry 5.0.

Complementary issues were discussed at the Now8! Event, a series of meetings set up by Confindustria Bergamo a Lombardy Digital Innovation Hub to disseminate the latest technological advancements for industrial applications. TXT was invited as guest speaker to relate on the importance of innovative solutions based on explainable AI as a key enabler for digital transition.

XMANAI_NOW8 events 2022