XMANAI Hackathon Event

The XMANAI project invites you to participate in the XMANAI Hackathon Event, from 13th to 14th July 2023, in Athens, Greece.

As AI becomes more and more ubiquitous in our lives, it is critical that we understand how these systems make decisions and the reasoning behind those decisions. We believe transparency and explanatory power are key to building trust in AI.

This event will bring together a diverse group of students, data scientists and AI experts who will explore the growing need for explainability in machine learning systems applied to manufacturing.

The XMANAI AI Explainability Hackathon will provide a platform for participants to test XMANAI tools and collaborate to create innovative solutions that will make AI more transparent, interpretable, and explainable.

During this hackathon, you’ll be able to work on real-world problems alongside our industrial demonstrators and explore cutting-edge techniques for model development, interpretation, and explainable AI.

By participating in this hackathon, you will join a community of data scientists and engineers committed to advancing the field of AI in manufacturing responsibly and ethically.

The hackathon will be a tutorial on the one hand, and a competition between teams to develop explainable AI solutions on the other. Participants will be organized into teams (working groups of 3 people) and will practice XAI models and data.

We look forward to seeing the creative solutions you come up with during this hackathon. Join us now and let’s make a difference together!

For more information on the hackathon venue, schedule, and prizes, visit the event page. Registration is free but mandatory – limited spaces! 

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