5th AI-MAN Standardisation Workshop

On December 20th, 2023, the XMANAI project participated in the “Standardisation for AI in Manufacturing: AI4Manufacturing Cluster Projects Initiatives and Experiences” workshop organized by the AI-MAN cluster of EU projects on AI in Manufacturing.

Presenting the standardisation activities this workshop focused on the standardisation elements of the AI4Manufacturing (ICT-38) Cluster projects.




December 20, 2023


XMANAI is present at the European Big Data Value Forum 2023 event.

Visit our stand and stay up to date with the latest news from this project on the explainability of artificial intelligence.








October 25, 2023

Thumbnail EBDVF23

8th XMANAI´s General Assembly

Yesterday the 8th general assembly of the XMANAI project ended, hosted by Tyris AI.

The main points of interest during that meeting were project exploration and X-by-design.



October 24, 2023

XMANAI GA Valência

Manufacturing Partnership Day 2023

XMANAI – EU Project is participating in the Manufacturing Partnership Day 2023, which is being held in Brussels by EFFRA: The European Factories of the Future Research Association.

This event is held annually to bring together key players in the manufacturing industry to collaborate, share knowledge, and forge new connections.

This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the latest project developments, share lessons learned, promote innovation in AI for production, and join other sister initiatives to explore valuable connections.




September 26, 2023

EFFRA 2023

XMANAI sponsors EBDVF 2023

XMANAI is one of the sponsors of the European Big Data Value Forum 2023.

This event will take place on the 25th and 27th of October, in Valencia and its central theme is “Data and AI in Action: Sustainable Impact and Future Realities”.

It will have more than 40 sessions and several plenary sessions will cover topics such as data spaces, trustworthy AI, metaverse, continuous computing, and high-performance computing from the perspective of many European sectors.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to network, gain insights, and find new partners!

Find out more here:

September 15, 2023

Big Data Value 2023_NEWS

XMANAI will participate in EFFRA 2023

XMANAI will be part of the EFFRA Manufacturing Partnership Day on the 26th of September 2023 in Brussels!

It is an important event that brings together key players in the manufacturing industry to collaborate, share knowledge, and make new connections.







September 13, 2023

8th Newsletter

XMANAI has published the 8th Newsletter.

This edition is about our pilot Whirlpool and has a section dedicated to the Hackathon event that happened last month, in Greece. 

Please, check it out!

Newsletter 8

Hackathon event

The Hackathon event started yesterday, in Greece, hosted by the partner ATHENA.

In this event, 8 groups participated, each with 3 elements, and all committed to solving the challenge that was placed.

Learn more about this event here.

July 14, 2023

Hackathon event

7th Newsletter

XMANAI has published the 7th Newsletter.

This newsletter presents our pilot UNIMETRIK, it has a section dedicated to the Hackathon event and references the honorable mention the project received at the ICE Conference. 

Please, check it out!

Capa_Newsletter 7_news

XMANAI Hackathon Event

The XMANAI project invites you to participate in the XMANAI Hackathon Event, from 13th to 14th July 2023, in Athens, Greece.

As AI becomes more and more ubiquitous in our lives, it is critical that we understand how these systems make decisions and the reasoning behind those decisions. We believe transparency and explanatory power are key to building trust in AI.

This event will bring together a diverse group of students, data scientists and AI experts who will explore the growing need for explainability in machine learning systems applied to manufacturing.

The XMANAI AI Explainability Hackathon will provide a platform for participants to test XMANAI tools and collaborate to create innovative solutions that will make AI more transparent, interpretable, and explainable.

During this hackathon, you’ll be able to work on real-world problems alongside our industrial demonstrators and explore cutting-edge techniques for model development, interpretation, and explainable AI.

By participating in this hackathon, you will join a community of data scientists and engineers committed to advancing the field of AI in manufacturing responsibly and ethically.

The hackathon will be a tutorial on the one hand, and a competition between teams to develop explainable AI solutions on the other. Participants will be organized into teams (working groups of 3 people) and will practice XAI models and data.

We look forward to seeing the creative solutions you come up with during this hackathon. Join us now and let’s make a difference together!

For more information on the hackathon venue, schedule, and prizes, visit the event page. Registration is free but mandatory – limited spaces! 

Register here!

2nd Industrial Advisory Board

This month, the 2nd XMANAI Industrial Advisory Board took place.

This is an extremely important meeting as it provides an opportunity to receive feedback on Project developments and adjust what is required.

2nd Industrial Advisory Board

6th Newsletter

XMANAI has published the 6th Newsletter. This edition is about our pilot manufacturer Ford and has a section dedicated to the Hackathon event.

Please, check it out!


Tutorial & Workshop on Uncertainty and Explainability on Machine Learning (22nd September 2023)​

We are proud to announce that the XMANAI project will take part in the European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice for Knowledge Discovery in Databases.

The ECMLPKDD conference, which will be held in Turin, Italy, is a European reference in the machine learning and data mining conference.

Together with other projects, XMANAI is organizing a Tutorial & Workshop on Uncertainty and Explainability on Machine Learning.

Key Dates

  • Submission Deadline: 12 June 2023
  • Author Notification: 12 July 2023
  • Event Date: 22 September 2023


Learn more about this tutorial here


5th Newsletter

XMANAI has just released the 5th Newsletter. This edition is addressing our CNH industrial pilot.

Please, check it out

7th XMANAI´s General Assembly

On the 22nd and 23rd of March, XMANAI held its 7th General Assembly in Lisbon hosted by Knowledgebiz. 

This was an excellent opportunity to share project outcomes and plan the next steps.

General Assembly in Lisbon

XMANAI platform – Alpha release available

We are happy to announce that the XMANAI platform – Alpha release is now available.

This is the first public release and provides the basis for the implementation and delivery of the upcoming versions of the XMANAI platform. In accordance with the XMANAI Description of Action, two additional releases are expected on June 2023 (Beta Version) and April 2024 (Version 1.0) hence the delivery of the XMANAI platform is a continuous process that will last till the end of the project. During the upcoming period, refinements and optimisations will be introduced based on the feedback that will be continuously collected by the XMANAI pilot demonstrators.

Check the details on this release on the newly created website section on the technical architecture and components.

4th Newsletter

This month it was launched the 4th XMANAI newsletter. Please, check it out!

December 28, 2022

6th XMANAI´s General Assembly

At the end of September, XMANAI has a hybrid General Assembly at Limassol hosted by Suite5. 

In this meeting, each partner showed how are the developments of the project and it was made some action lists with the next steps.

XMANAI´s General Assembly in Limassol

3rd Newsletter

XMANAI has a 3rd Newsletter. Please, check it out


Explainability in AI: the connecting factor for effective digitalisation in manufacturing industry

Explainability has proven to be a key element in boosting AI adoption in different industrial fields thanks to its glass box approach providing transparent and understandable insights on algorithm decisions and results. Given its strategic role in improving economic growth, Explainable AI contributes to advance cooperation between different types of stakeholders, including not only industrial companies and associations but also European projects and clusters. The aim of creating a collaborative network in XAI domain is to explore the most effective pathways to the digital integration and interoperability of manufacturing systems. This goal can be achieved by identifying relevant cross-cutting factors and key enablers to promote the implementation of best practices concerning technological innovation in industry.

These core topics have been thoroughly addressed during the European Workshop for AI Pathway held on the 13th of June 2022 in Brussels and organised by Connected Factories, an initiative focused on bolstering digitalisation in manufacturing supported by EFFRA: The European Factories of the Future Research Association. TXT attended the event due to the strong connection of XMANAI with twin projects focused on similar approach on AI benefits, such as leveraging AI to promote Circular Economy routes, enable man-robot collaboration, optimize data driven production management and determine an effective pathway for human-centred manufacturing in Industry 5.0.

Complementary issues were discussed at the Now8! Event, a series of meetings set up by Confindustria Bergamo a Lombardy Digital Innovation Hub to disseminate the latest technological advancements for industrial applications. TXT was invited as guest speaker to relate on the importance of innovative solutions based on explainable AI as a key enabler for digital transition.

XMANAI_NOW8 events 2022