XMANAI partner spotlight – Politecnico di Milano

XMANAI partner spotlight – Politecnico di Milano Giacomo Tavola Name: Giacomo Tavola Job title: Technology Counselor Organisation: Politecnico di Milano Bio (1 paragraph): Giacomo Tavola (male) has a Degree in Electronic Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. He worked 25 years in ICT market for major ICT solution providers and hardware manufacturers. He has specific experience […]

2nd AI-MAN Workshop

AI-MAN Workshop on October In october the ai-man workshop was held and you can watch the full event here. In this workshop was illustrated how Industrial AI can be applied and which are benefits and impacts. Artificial Intelligence is a set of applications that provide insights and suggestions, useful for creating more value for differents industries, […]

3rd XMANAI´s General Assembly

3rd XMANAI general assembly

XMANAI Virtual General Assembly Today all XMANAI´s partners had together in our 3rd XMANAI´s General Assembly. It was an online meeting where it was presenting the progress of the project in all work packages.

Education role in AI technology implementation in industry

Artificial Intelligence has a crucial role in the digital transformation roadmap of traditional manufacturing companies as if from one side it may bring great step improvement in several areas, on the other side it is probably the most difficult technology to be implemented in a sustainable way, due to the lack of knowledge and to the natural negative reaction to adoption that this type of technology generates in the involved people.

XMANAI partner spotlight – Fraunhofer FOKUS

Fraunhofer FOKUS is the leader of the working package “Asset Management Bundles Methods and System Designs”. In this working package, management and sharing methods are defined and prototypically implemented for the assets. The assets mentioned are industrial data as well as AI models and analyses based on these data.

AI Requirements for Manufacturing in the XMANAI Project

The XMANAI project is working to provide the tools to navigate the Artificial Intelligence (AI)’s “transparency paradox”, designing, developing and deploying a novel Explainable AI Platform powered by explainable AI models that inspire trust, augment human cognition and solve concrete manufacturing problems with value-based explanations.

Ford Pilot

XMANAI AI platform, manage and analyse the real-time and batch data acquired by Ford Corporative systems, and the scheduled data contained in the MP&L, maintenance and Tooling systems, in order to build novel AI models that contribute to the provision of recommendations to optimize the line throughput of the current and successive shifts. The hybrid and graph AI models to be explored, trained and evaluated in XMANAI, will allow created alerts of different uses cases: (a) Representation in real time of production and traceability; (b) simulation of some changes in the line production; (c) advices in the production batches in terms of size, mix and schedule; (d) the tool change strategy based on line efficiency and tool life; (e) buffer stock management; (f) maintenance tasks based on line efficiency, machine/people/tools availability.


UNIMETRIK Pilot Unimetrik is a Metrological Service company, oriented to offer solutions for the industry related to Calibration, Measurement and Metrological engineering. UNIMETRIK is accredited by ENAC and acknowledged by the principal aeronautic groups in Spain. It is exporting its technology to countries such as USA, Germany, Brazil and the Czech Republic. Unimetrik is part […]

CNHI Pilot

CNH Industrial Pilot The CNHi of Italy tractor plant, located in Modena (Emilia-Romagna), is currently manufacturing APL and APH drivelines that are used to equip the tractors that CNHi will assemble in its assembly plants worldwide. The average annual production of the plant is 60K Drivelines, which are supplied to the final assembly plants of […]